Residence Site Work Progress - @Line, Kishanganj

Site Progress Report 

Progress report is exactly what it sounds like—a document that explains in detail how far you’ve gone towards the completion of a project.

It outlines the activities you’ve carried out, the tasks you’ve completed, and the milestones you’ve reached vis-à-vis your project plan.

Evaluating Site Analysis

Whether you’re a student in the studio or working at a design firm, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: What’s on the site is crucial when it comes to the design of a building. 

Existing buildings & Infrastructure, Weather,  Culture  & Neighborhood Context are the elements of our site had influenced to the final design of a building·        

On top of it Negative neighbourhood issues such as vandalism and crime had led us o achieve this design       

The Design -

The wide range in which pieces of masonry can be arranged allows for multiple spatial configurations. 

Born in a furnace - the brick adorns and reinforces, protects and—to various degrees—brings natural light into spaces that need slight, natural illumination. 

Throughout history, traditional brick-laying consisted of predetermined arrangement of parts, and lines of rope to guide the consistency and placement of each individual brick. 

But there are many other ways to exploit this multi-faceted, timeless material, so we've selected in this projects that demonstrate the potential of the humble brick.

The Site Overview


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