The House - An Experiment with Textures - Eclectic Mix of Design Features


This apartment for 3 generations speaks different stories through this design exercise in textures and experimentation with wall surfaces. The idea was to display a character of inherent luxury and elegance in the design without being loud and lend a sense of uniqueness to each space always. The concept of this house is an experiment with textures wherein it is an eclectic mix of design features put together sensitively.

This house is an Experiment with Textures Wherein it is an Eclectic Mix of Design Features | Studio Design Inc.

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Each space was designed with a singular point of focus/element in the form of a wall treatment or texture in the sense that various modalities of function and design then revolved around it. At the same time, we had to make sure that the design flowed from one space to another without any in-your-face or stark contrast while maintaining a unique identity for each space.

Textured walls/ Material and Light experimentation as standalone design features were used to define each space in the house, giving each space its own individual unique character, simultaneously lending continuity in visuals through some tying elements such as the wooden dropped ceiling forming a wooden band in the living and dining area.

The highlight of the Living room – A silver travertine stone panelled wall (from a stone source) in the passage leads into the living room, giving a structure to the passage and enveloping the living room.

The passage leading to the living room and further to the bedrooms is dropped down by a wood-panelled ceiling forming a tying band element in the living and dining area.

This adds scale and defines the spaces, without any visual breaks or partitions. Vondom planters in the passage add a very quirky interesting element of design against a mirror back wall, leading into the dining area.

The furniture is painstakingly designed and curated through various sources, achieving the right visual balance, and allowing for the spaces to grow over time. 

The dining area extends into a large sundeck, which has a simple Corten steel console which is pulled out to form a full-fledged concealed bar area. Textured paint on the wall complements the Corten steel console.

The 4th bedroom which is converted to a den is used primarily to watch movies and for card sessions for the couple and their friends. A textured “wooden wall” with quirky card symbols lending a “play” idea to the space without it screaming out aloud becomes the design highlight of the space. This was designed as a series of fumed white oak veneer panels, faceted at various angles, along with concealed lighting. The sofa arrangement is a series of individual seats, in funky patterns and coloured motif fabrics all fronting the faceted wall and adding a spunk factor, making a characteristic statement in the space. 

The mother’s room is kept very simple. The focal point is a slanted textural pattern in walnut veneer which forms the headboard and is complemented by handles on the wardrobes.

The daughter’s room is essentially a clutter-free area, in varied textures of white, complemented by grey and yellow as soft furnishings. Coloured quotes on the wall define the surface treatment and become the focal point of this room adding a sense of playfulness to the space. 

The master bedroom has a distressed finish wenge veneer wall, with a recessed brass strip disguising the wardrobes, the bathroom and the dressing storage. The headboard is a collage of wooden and gold motif panels, painstakingly done through a lot of sampling and experimentation.

This is the highlight of the master bedroom as an “Ornamental Relief” Wall giving a sense of understated luxury and richness to the master bedroom.

All the inbuilt furniture along with some loose furniture like the bar unit, the dining console, the entrance unit etc was customised by us along with our contracting team. A large part of the loose furniture such as the dining table, the armchairs, the glass centre and side tables, the dining chairs, and the den sofa (drawing inspiration from Roche Bobois), were customised by Mozaic. Various other furniture items like the wooden chaise in the living area, bar stools, wooden barrel centre tables etc were sourced from DeFurn. The main white sofa was “ Manto” from Poltrona Frau. Artefacts and curios were sourced from Defurn, Mozaic, and Chor bazaar. The pendant lights over the dining table and in the corner of the living area were from Vibhor Sogani. The Gold pendant lights in the master bedroom are Tom Dickson lights. Lights over the bar were from chor bazaar. 

Fact File

Designed by: Studio Design Inc.

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: Ajay Shah Residence

Location: Central Mumbai

Project Size: 3500 Sq.ft

Principal Architects: Khushboo Khandelwal & Kunal Khandelwal

Team Design Credits: Tejal Gada, Khushboo Khandelwal & Kunal Khandelwal

Photograph Courtesy: Sebastian Zachariah

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