National Engineer's Day 2023 - Theme 'Engineering for a Sustainable Future


National #engineersday2023 

National Engineers' Day is observed on September 15th every year to celebrate the birth anniversary of eminent Engineer "Sir  #Visvesvaraya " & recognize the contributions made by him in the field of #science  and #technology .

The #2023year  #NationalEngineersDay  theme is 'Engineering for a #sustainable  #future .

Below we have compiled the construction details of projects that stand out for their approach to sustainability.

"The program asked for a house that responded to it site,  framing views of the natural grass sloping terrain down to the #fulahar  River #Bihar not only from within the residence, but through it.  

The traditional arrangement of public and private spaces was inverted by brick-laying in ingenious ways.

This allowed for transparency through the house and spectacular elevated views from the upper level towards the river.

The upper level has terrace and roof suspended with brick work along the south & east Facade providing sun protection from the south and west exposures, helping to cool the house in the summer while providing wind protection in the winter.

Terrace with brickwork in different arrangement / configuration i.e in Ingenious ways which ensures 

  • Privacy as well as allows for  
  • Natural Light & Ventilation  ( i.e to make building breathable during hot & humid climate by wind circulation)
  • Also creates a Dapple effect of light & shade inside


Space Enhance Architects 

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Architecture - Space Enhance Architects

Site Execution Team - Space Matters

Location - @Bank of Fulahar River, Bihar

Project Year - 2022

Category - Private House Terrace Landscape & Facade

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